In 2015, The IRON JIAS brand was established, focusing on "Motorcycle Protection Gear. In off-road riding, people protect the motorcycle, but the only thing that can protect people is riding gear.

" Everyone has a wandering heart,you can travel ,your body or soul have one must be on the way "

When motorcycles go through the years to today, what it means to you, I don't know. But for IRON JIAS, Motorcycle represents freedom.

Initially, IRON JIAS was just a small group formed by a few friends who love motorcycle.IRON JIAS continued the riding dreams of several people in this way

Motorcycle is different from bicycle that is limited by physical strength. It is an extension of the rider's own body. It allows you to walk more roads, see different landscapes, reach those incredible places, then meet a group of your own kind, and then start a life about the unknown.This is the origin of the IRON JIAS brand.

We believe that although the road ahead of life can't be grasped, there must be a shadow of a motorcycle vehicle in the unknown.

On the Izu Peninsula in 2001, the famous Sunset Glowing Route let us know for the first time that the sunset can also be so beautiful.On the Dalton Highway crossing Alaska, I looked up and saw the purple Milky Way.

For motorcyclists, no matter how rich and powerful, you have to control the hands, wind and rain, spray mud and wet shoes. You have to use your body to generalize and bear. Even as long as you step on the locomotive, you use your body to protect your car, the relationship between people and the locomotive. Generally, only soldiers and their weapons can compare.

Thirty-five years old is a hurdle for riding. Although the physical strength is still there, the time to sway on the motorcycle is running out.

However, as long as the love exists, it will definitely find other outlets.

Today's IRON JIAS relies on the pursuit of the details of riding protective gear and has created a series of motorcycle protection products. Although the demand for quality will make IRON JIAS go slightly slower, the victory is solid and stable at every step. As it is often said in cycling circles, no matter how long the road is, you can always reach it in steps.

IRON JIAS Brand Story