5 Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves Reviews & Recommendations

5 Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves Reviews & Recommendations

Motorcycle gloves are one of the most important pieces of riding equipment for your motorcycle, and when you fall while riding, your hands will always be the first to hit the ground, and that's when a pair of riding gloves with protective features may be able to protect you from injury. In addition to that, good summer biking gloves can protect you as well as keep your hands dry during the hot weather, keeping you cool and comfortable on the riding ground.

In order to provide you with a free riding experience in summer, for this hot reason, we have collected 5 riding gloves for summer. With the introduction, price and review, you will be able to pick the 2024 best gloves for summer motorcycle riding.

IRONJIAS JIA02 Cool Summer Motorcycle Protective Gloves

IRONJIAS Cool Summer Motorcycle Protective Gloves

Everyone wants to find a pair of gloves that are good value for money. This one is the best choice. These gloves have knuckle protection, reinforced palm padding and a double stitched seam between the palm and the shell that perfectly protects the knuckles and the palm. Even in summer, we want to feel the cool breeze of riding freedom, made of breathable material with ventilation holes, these cooling summer gloves airflow and keep your hands away from sweltering heat and sweaty stickiness caused by hot weather biking. On guarding your freedom to ride, the durable microfiber material has a great wear-resistant and non-slip function, allowing you to fully grasp the motorcycle, a must-have for long-distance summer riding.

Price: 10€   Free shipping

Review:Bought these to learn how to ride a motorcycle in a motorcycle safely class unfortunately I did get bucked off the bike and didn’t pass due to a small mistake but I went flying and these gloves protected all of my hand.


IRONJIAS JIA06 Breathable Summer Motorcycle Protective Gloves

IRONJIAS JIA06 Breathable Summer Motorcycle Protective Gloves


This is another hot pair of summer riding gloves from IRONJIAS, which is ergonomically designed to thoughtfully protect your hands from all angles. There are sturdy joint protectors on the finger joints and palms to prevent your hands from being injured in case of a fall. Family and friends will never have to worry about your riding safety again. The gloves are made of materials like polyester, leather and 3D mesh that are comfortable, breathable and absorb sweat quickly to keep your hands cool. In addition, the adjustable Velcro on the wrist adds comfort when wearing them. All in all, this is a lightweight summer travelling glove that offers plenty of protection and ventilation, and it's definitely a cooling summer riding protective item that fits within your budget.

Price: 10€   Free shipping

Review:I am really surprised by these gloves. For the price, you can’t beat it. I like the ability to use a touchscreen, When I’m leaving or coming home being able to use my garage door opener on my phone without taking my glove off is awesome. They offer decent wind protection, much better than other pairs at this price range. The protectors are all in the correct places, nothing feels unnatural.


IRONJIAS AXE10 Freedom Summer Motorcycle Gloves

IRONJIAS AXE10 Freedom Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Well-ventilated comfort is also important when summer motorcycle riding. These biker gloves have inner seams on the finger parts, which can ensure the ventilation of the finger gaps and avoid the sticky feeling of sweat brought by long summer rides. The attached adjustable magic band can easily adjust the size to fit your wrist without worrying about embarrassing size problems caused. Bring you comfort while keeping you safe. The palms of your hands are completely non-slip, so you can hold the steering wheel firmly. Extra textured palm fabric increases grip and prevents the handle from slipping, the seams are strong and durable. Extra armored knuckles effectively protect the knuckles from wear and tear caused by sliding, with excellent durability and abrasion resistance. Multiple color options to make your summer riding colorful.

Price: 11.5€   Free shipping

Review:The gloves are very good, comfortable and have good protection. Well sewn and easy to wear. The riding process is very ventilated, I feel very cool, and my hands are freed, which is very suitable for spring and summer use.


REV'IT REAX Superfly Mesh Gloves

Revit Summer Motorcycle Breathable Lightweight Gloves for Men

The best summer motorcycle gloves will really shine when you're raising the temperature with a white knuckle ride. Our top pick in this category is the REAX Superfly mesh gloves, which offer breathability and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) protection. In the value-for-money department, Dainese's MIG Air 3 gloves also offer breathable material and high-quality protection, while the REV'IT! Avion 3 gloves offer airflow through perforated leather and the presence of a TPR slider. Whichever one best suits your style and needs, don't be tempted to skip the gloves just because of how hot it is outside. Summer doesn't have to mean skimping on safety, and each of these rugged street gloves will keep you cool and protected.

Price: 39.97$

Review:Awesome awesome gloves. Great protection all around even a pad on the outside palm that is for falling which I really like. Very comfortable. Used them in 102 degree heat today for 6 hours and hands barely even sweat. Get these!


Harley-davidson Perforated Fingerless Gloves

Harley-davidson Men's Summer Lightweight Fingerless Protective Gloves

Harley-davidson fingerless gloves are a symbol of motorcyclist tradition. In the hot summer, fingerless gloves are one of the best cooling gloves to keep you away from sticky and sweaty and free your fingertips. Who said that summer gloves are single-function and can't fulfill multiple riding needs? Not only does these lightweight keep the same street American style as always, the perforated cow leather material ensures air circulation, giving you a cool and comfortable experience on long summer rides. The adjustable closure design makes these breathable gloves very convenient to wear, and the design detail Bar & Shield logo showcases street riding fashion.

Price: 45$

Review:I typically hate most gloves, they either are too bulky or restricting, but not these! The only downside is the hole on the back of your hand that leaves a ridiculous-looking tan line, but I'm just going to sew in a lightweight piece of fabric for full coverage. My first pair was actually given to me and after losing them I just had to grab another pair!


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